WYR? Family Card

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Start a competition and spirited conversations with these thought-provoking “Would You Rather?” questions. Are you the funniest, most creative, or most logical member of your family? Out-think and outsmart others with your best answers to these exciting brainteasers!200 uproarious questions for kids, teens, parents, grandparents, and anyone who enjoys a hilarious game night! Different ways to play this exciting game to fit everyone's needs Screen-free entertainment and thought-provoking conversation starters for all ages Compact size to play on the go: perfect for road trips, waiting at restaurants, holiday get-togethers, camping, and more Lots of laughs! The questions are funny; players can make the answers even funnier Cool categories ranging from entertainment and sports to history and nature The perfect gift for your favorite friends and family Author - Short: Daly, Lindsey Pages (actual): 205