Dental Spinner

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Introducing the TPR Dental Spinner Dog Toy, engineered for light & medium chewers. This innovative spinner toy not only offers endless chewing fun but also promotes dental health. Made with durable TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber), it's designed to massage gums and clean teeth, keeping your dog's mouth healthy. Ideal for puppies, average chewers, or dogs with sensitive teeth. • Chewer-Friendly Design: Perfect for light & medium chewers. • Dental Care Focus: Spinner design with features to clean teeth & massage gums. • Quality Material: Crafted with TPR Nylon for durability & gentle chewing. • Interactive Play Options: Run a rope through for tug games or slide a treat in for extra fun. • Versatile Usage: Suitable for puppies, average chewers, and dogs with sensitive teeth. • Comes with a back card for easy display. Invest in a quality chew toy that stands the test of time. Our Dental Spinner Dog Toy is not just a toy; it's a tool for better dental health and endless entertainment.