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This deck of cards offers creative ideas for kids to discover the natural wonders of their backyard, local park, or city block. Each of the fifty-two cards in this deck features artwork from Eric Carle's beloved bestseller The Very Hungry Caterpillar alongside an activity prompt to spark curiosity in young learners, like: Can you find three different kinds of leaves outside? Try drawing them! Do you know which trees they came from? Can you find something in nature that seems patient? Maybe it’s a sunflower that takes a long time to grow. When do you need to be patient? Let’s listen to the wind on a breezy day. How does the wind’s sound change, depending on where you are? Listen in your backyard and inside near an open window. Can you whistle or hum like the wind? Author - Short: Carle, Eric Pages (actual): 54 Illustrations (TI Sheet): 4C Illustrations On Both Sides.