Annie Sloan's Room Recipes

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World renowned paint effects guru and color expert Annie Sloan considers what makes a successful interior. Style and color lie at the heart of the matter, but both can be stumbling blocks for the amateur decorator. Annie explains how to achieve your chosen style by creating moodboards and analyzing key factors--scale, focus, display and layout. She examines nine popular styes: Boho Chic, Neo-Classical, Vintage Floral, French Style, Swedish Style, Coastal Style, Classic Country, Modern Retro, and Rough Luxe. Discover, then, the key techniques you'll need to recreate these styles in your own home: color theory (why do some colors work so well together? Why can the same color look dramatically different in different rooms?), using storytelling with pictures and collected treasures, style fusions (combining your favorite styles), and, of course, paint techniques. With stunning photography and packed with practical advice, this will soon become your interior style bible.