Rewined Candles

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Natural soy wax candles. Each candle has been handcrafted in Charleston, SC from a repurposed wine bottle. The fragrance has been carefully blended to mimic the flavors and aromas found in your favorite varietals of wine.


Cabernet- Deep and rich black cherry, currant, smoke and burnt oak. 


Champagne- Light and festive notes of white grape, honey, and bread.


Chardonnay- Butter, oak, straw, and a warm vanilla finish.


Merlot- Notes of ripe pomegranate, plum, violet, rose, and vanilla.


Pinot Grigio- Smooth and crisp with subtle minerality, citrus, and a hint of oak.


Pinot Noir- Rich notes of fig, earth, cranberry, leather, and violet.


Riesling- Lush tropical fruit notes with Asian pear, honey, and ripe citrus


Sauvignon Blanc- Fresh notes of grapefruit, herb and freshly mown grass.