French Blue I Jolie Paint

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Jolie Paint in FRENCH BLUE is a baby blue color that is most well-known for the paintwork throughout the Palace of Versailles. It is inspired by the 18th-century design of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.  Transforming furniture and kitchen cabinets has never been so easy!  Painting furniture, kitchens, floors, etc. is now so easy to do in your home. 

No priming or sanding • Beautiful, mixable colors • Superior coverage


Let us help you transform your dated furniture, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, floors, mirrors and so much more with a little paint.  You have found the EASIEST DIY Paint on the market for refreshing your home on a budget! Painting furniture is our specialty! Looking for more inspiration? Check out my YouTube Channelblog Instagram + Pinterest accounts for more furniture transformations.

Use with complementary products, such as Jolie Finishing Waxes or Jolie Floor Varnish, to enhance durability and add your style to your project.  Looking for brushes we have a wide variety. 

One quart covers approximately 150 square feet. One 4oz  sample covers approximately 18.8 square feet. Actual coverage may vary depending on surface and application.


Looking for some additional help getting started?  Join us in the Stylish Patina Paint Lab for our Furniture Painting Basics Class.  It's only $37! You can watch it as much as you want!