Fine Stone

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Fine Stone by Artisan Enhancementså¨ is a low VOC tintable plaster that has a "beach sand" aggregate texture. Fine Stone helps you create stone finishes on furniture, walls, ceilings, etc.åÊ It can be brushed, towelled, rolled on or pushed through stencils. It has been developed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Fine Stone is one of Artisan Enhancements most versatile products that will work well with the entire Artisan Enhancementså¨ line.

Recommended Use: Fine Stone is formulated for application on cabinets, furniture, walls and ceilings.

Application: Simply mix Fine Stone with your choice of paint color (1 to 5 ratios tends to work best). Brush or roll on a coat of Fine Stone (or push through a stencil) and allow to thoroughly dry. Don't apply too much Fine Stone or it can crack. Application can be also be used with a trowel. Allow to dry. Use Artisan Enhancements Clear Topcoat to seal.