Deck of Yoga, The

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This deck of cards offers fifty yoga postures, all drawn from Deepak Chopra's Living in the Light, to help you begin or build on your personal yoga practice. With its portable format, easy to display on a desk or pack in a bag, The Deck of Yoga allows you to incorporate these rejuvenating positions into even the busiest schedule. You'll find a variety of postures to benefit your overall wellness, including: Mountain Pose: for strengthening your lower body and vertical alignment Tree Pose: for opening the inner and outer hips and strengthening the spine Tiger Pose: for helping create symmetry in the body and working both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously Each card features illustrations, instructions, & tips for the featured posture. Pull a card and explore the pose or choose several to build a longer practice. You can also use the included sequence suggestions to tailor your practice to your specific physical and emotional needs. Author - Short: Chopra, Deepak Pages (actual): 53