Color Mixing Guide

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Color mixing has never been easier. The Jolie Color Mixing Guide fan deck showcases over 300 Jolie Paint color mixes to make it easy to select and create the right color for your next transformation.

For large projects, order any of the 300+ color mixes from the Color Mixing Guide by the gallon. Contact us for more info to order gallon sizes. 

For smaller projects, order the pre-tinted quarts or sample sizes of Jolie Paint colors that you need to create your custom color, then follow the recipe in the Color Mixing Guide to mix your paint in a separate container.


I. Find the complete collection of Jolie Paint colors in the first section of the Jolie Color Mixing Guide. Use these for reference to see how each color appears before being mixed.

II. Explore popular color mixes. Each color includes a proportion recipe that can be scaled up or down depending on how much paint you need. 

III. Refer to the Index to learn where you can find specific colors and custom mixes that include them. This is the perfect tools to help you mix colors that you already have.