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Discover the charm and durability of our Plush and Thermoplastic Rubber Dog Toy, specially designed for dogs who love a robust playtime. This unique toy features clear rubber protrusions, perfect for energetic dogs who enjoy a mix of textures in their play. These rubber elements not only enhance the toy's durability but also provide a gentle gum massage for your furry friend, making playtime both fun and beneficial. The body of the toy is crafted from soft corduroy, filled with a delightful combination of stuffing, crinkle paper, and a squeaker. This blend of materials creates a multi-sensory experience that's utterly captivating for dogs. The embedded squeaker is a surefire way to engage your pet's attention and keep them entertained for hours. ・Dimensions: 18" x 5" x 4" ・Suitable for all dog sizes Offering a unique blend of fun, function, and fashion, this toy is an excellent choice for pet owners seeking to enrich their dog's playtime with something truly special and durable.