Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan

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It's true NO PRIMING, NO SANDING Annie Sloan developed her now famous Chalk Paint to answer the need she had for a paint which would have many uses from acting like white washing to looking like old painted furniture, and that had a good range of color that could be extended by the user. This paint is very easy to work with and allows people to be creative as one doesn't get involved with the technicalities of preparation and it also allows you to change your mind without hassle. Add a little water to it to make it smooth, thicken it up by leaving the lid off if you want to make it thicker, make it into a wash by adding even more water to it. Use flat brushes for a smooth look or bristle brushes for a more textured aged look. To learn more about these and other techniques, take a paint class with us or purchase one of Annie's fabulous books under our DIY Book category. You'll find detailed step-by-step instructions in Annie Sloan's books 'Creating the French Look' and 'Quick and Easy Paint Transformations. A quart will cover two good size dressers. Don't forget to buy your Annie Sloan Clear wax to seal your project. Read more FAQ on the _Stylish Patina blog.

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